Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, as predicted there has been a serious lack of posting recently. This due to me going back to university, and the resulting lack of hobby. But before I touch on that (it's a brief touch), I'll recap on what has been going on:

  • I made an order from Forgeworld for the following products: Weathering Pigment Set, Imperial Armour (Apocalypse) 2, Imperial Armour Masterclass. The books arrived, as did one pigment of the set. I sent an email to Forgeworld about the missing pigments. From my previous experience of trying to get them to send me the correct pieces to build both Revenant Titans I ordered, I've just written it off. I won't buy from Forgeworld unless someone else is taking care of the order. The books are cool though.
  • My The Uncharted Seas stuff arrived! I got this from The Combat Company, who were great as usual. I received my Shroud Mage starter fleet, which consists of 6 Frigates, 2 Cruisers and a Battleship. When I make the time to play with them, I'll do a bit of reviewing in depth. I also ordered a load of islands to play with, which looks like it'd be a lot of fun. I just need to find someone to play with ;)
  • Some of my stuff is missing, presumed lost. This includes painted models like Skink Skirmishers and unprimed Fire Dragons. I don't really know whats happened there. Losing the Skirmisher is annoying. What is extremely irritating however is losing an entire box set of Temple Guard. There's another $50 I'll have to shell out.
  • I bought flying magnetic base stands from Back2BaseIx for my Terradons. These work brilliantly. I just need to pin the wings to the bodies and get to painting.
  • I also purchased a 5 Chaos Space Marine box with the intention of trying to paint them pink. The results were varied. My dream of black/pink Emperor's Children is a long while away.
So it hasn't been all positive. I have been keeping myself abreast with the latest Games Workshop rumours and developments. I look forward to what might hopefully be a new Fire Prism kit.

I've done a slight bit of painting in the brief few days I've spent in Sydney since resuming Uni. I'll post a picture of my hastily half-painted Skink Chieftain. Layering and highlighting are still relatively advanced concepts to me, so eh. I've painted most of an Empire Artillery Crewman, to mixed results. I think in the future I will prime the model black because I can't seem to prime white well and a bad priming leads to worse results than having to do multiple foundation layers.

Next Monday I'll be going to the Uni's gaming club night, where I hope to play with my Space Elves. I really don't want to play 500 points, so hopefully someone will take up the challenge of playing in 750 or even higher.

Here's a picture.

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