Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, as predicted there has been a serious lack of posting recently. This due to me going back to university, and the resulting lack of hobby. But before I touch on that (it's a brief touch), I'll recap on what has been going on:

  • I made an order from Forgeworld for the following products: Weathering Pigment Set, Imperial Armour (Apocalypse) 2, Imperial Armour Masterclass. The books arrived, as did one pigment of the set. I sent an email to Forgeworld about the missing pigments. From my previous experience of trying to get them to send me the correct pieces to build both Revenant Titans I ordered, I've just written it off. I won't buy from Forgeworld unless someone else is taking care of the order. The books are cool though.
  • My The Uncharted Seas stuff arrived! I got this from The Combat Company, who were great as usual. I received my Shroud Mage starter fleet, which consists of 6 Frigates, 2 Cruisers and a Battleship. When I make the time to play with them, I'll do a bit of reviewing in depth. I also ordered a load of islands to play with, which looks like it'd be a lot of fun. I just need to find someone to play with ;)
  • Some of my stuff is missing, presumed lost. This includes painted models like Skink Skirmishers and unprimed Fire Dragons. I don't really know whats happened there. Losing the Skirmisher is annoying. What is extremely irritating however is losing an entire box set of Temple Guard. There's another $50 I'll have to shell out.
  • I bought flying magnetic base stands from Back2BaseIx for my Terradons. These work brilliantly. I just need to pin the wings to the bodies and get to painting.
  • I also purchased a 5 Chaos Space Marine box with the intention of trying to paint them pink. The results were varied. My dream of black/pink Emperor's Children is a long while away.
So it hasn't been all positive. I have been keeping myself abreast with the latest Games Workshop rumours and developments. I look forward to what might hopefully be a new Fire Prism kit.

I've done a slight bit of painting in the brief few days I've spent in Sydney since resuming Uni. I'll post a picture of my hastily half-painted Skink Chieftain. Layering and highlighting are still relatively advanced concepts to me, so eh. I've painted most of an Empire Artillery Crewman, to mixed results. I think in the future I will prime the model black because I can't seem to prime white well and a bad priming leads to worse results than having to do multiple foundation layers.

Next Monday I'll be going to the Uni's gaming club night, where I hope to play with my Space Elves. I really don't want to play 500 points, so hopefully someone will take up the challenge of playing in 750 or even higher.

Here's a picture.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I've got love for sale: in search of networking

I've decided to try to branch out and find a Warhammer or Wargaming blog-ring to join based on the suggestion from DJ Batman.

Lets go over what I've found thus far.

  • From The Warp. This seems like a good network although it has a no-inappropriateness rule which is interesting. The only downside is it is for Warhammer 40k and hobbying. Whilst I am a Warhammer 40k player, I'm not really interested in working on my Space Elves at the moment.
  • Bell of Lost Souls. No thanks.
Those are the results from my far-from-exhaustive search. My internet is still capped and chugging at sub-dial up speed, so I can't do a lot about that. So if you know any general wargaming, Warhammer Fantasy or Games-Workshop hobby blog networks/rings, please don't hesitate to let me know via comment. In the mean time I'll wait for this stomach bug to fade and keep exploring that grape vine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DogCon 2010 Round Up

Well DogCon 2010, as the title suggests, has been. This was the first tournament I've participated in for any gaming system, let alone Warhammer Fantasy. Unfortunately I only took two photos worth posting. This was the result of extreme fatigue and the desire to focus on gaming.

On Day 1 I played against Daemons of Chaos, Dark Elves and Empire. I lost the first game, largely due to a combination of my inexperience, poor deployment choices and extreme hesitance to march out to fight the much feared Deamons of Chaos. It turned out the Daemons player was afraid of this too as my Saurus were never engaged in the entire game.

Against the Dark Elves I only had my Slann at the end of the game. My opponent kicked my Stegadon Priest's teeth through his skull during turn 2 and it all went down hill from there. I had a lot of fun as the guy was a great sport and told me that he plays Lizardmen all the time, so he knew exactly how to beat my list. Highlight of that match was my Slann and a Temple Guard standard bearer successfully running down a fleeing Assassin.

I won my third match on Day 1, against Empire. I largely attribute this to my opponent's bad luck with artillery, on the first turn both his Mortar and Great Cannon misfired (but rolled 6s, so they could go the next turn). I deployed much better in this game and actually utilised my Skink Skirmishers and Terradons effectively. I had a water feature that I put my Skinks into, which blocked 20 swordsmen and about 20 militia (via detachments) from doing anything useful that game. My Terradons actually killed people in the game! I dropped rocks ineffectively upon a cannon, but they came back and ate the crew the next turn, then proceeded to eat up a row of handgunners, and then finally they ate a unit of Pistoliers. It wasn't a very large win because I didn't have any table quarters and I had captured no banners, but I nailed the Templar Master General.

My first match of Day 2 was against another army I had feared playing against - Vampire Counts. This turned out to be a really fun match, as my opponent was a super nice guy and we spent most of our game laughing. I chose the Lore of Light with my Slann and rolled poorly to choose my spells. Highlights of the game included miscasting and giving away a free spell - Pit of Shades upon the Slann. Funnily enough I actually won this game, barely. I had lost my flanks by the end of turn 5 but he had moved his units close enough that my Stegadon could charge in. I killed a Vamp who ate a bunch of wounds from combat resolution, as well as reduced a Varghulf to half strength through combat resolution in another fight.

The second match of Day 2 was another great game against Empire. My opponent was a great guy and we had a very relaxed, very fun game where we were giving each other tips on what we thought we could do yet still holding in a few sneaky moves of our own. This was the first game where my Temple Guard got into combat, and the first game where I was able to shoot Death Lasers from the Engine of the Gods. I ruled the roost with the magic phase in this game because he only had Warrior Priests. I won the game by a smallish margin, which would have been much higher had he 1) Failed a terror test at the start of turn 6 with Crossbowmen and 2) Landed a cannonball directly upon my Stegadon and rolled 6 for wounds as the very last action of the game.

Third match of Day 3 was Empire again! My opponent was a nice guy but I perhaps a bit inexperienced with Warhammer Fantasy, albeit less so than myself. This was another game where artillery did nothing because I consistently was making my 5+ ward saves, even when Skinks were being shot. His Hochland Longrifle Engineers were annoying as they constantly tried to snipe my Skink Priests and on one occasion, my Slann (phew, 4+ ward save there). I didn't like my initial deployment but it turned out alright after the first turn where I began to aggressively march towards his gunline with skink skirmishers screening. His general was an Arch Lector on the War Altar, which was a big concern of mine. I chose to use him as the Bane Head character with my Slann, so every time my Slann inflicted a wound it would count for double. He had a Level 2 Wizard and the Arch Lector as his only magic users. By turn 3 I had begun to win, starting with my Terradons who were hiding in the bottom of woods flying over his lone Wizard and dropping rocks on his head and march blocking his unit of 10 Knights and his War Altar. Turn 3 Magic phase I threw a lot of spells out and finally I cast Rule of Burning Iron at the Arch Lector. He failed his dispel attempt and his ward save, so he copped 2 wounds. Later he'd charge his War Altar into my Stegadon, who zapped him with Death Lasers. The lesson from that game? Pistoliers are annoying and I need either more Terradons or Skink Skirmishers to deal with them.

I learnt a lot from the 6 games I played and didn't have a single sour experience, even when I was inviting death to my own armies and losing everything I had on the table. I broke my Terradons in my first game which was highly frustrating and I only had 10 Temple Guard models because my other box went AWOL, but everyone was fine about it.

Overall I played fairly cautiously, perhaps too cautiously. Against the Vamps I think I had the right level of Caution, whilst against the Empire armies I could have been more aggressive. My use of Cold One Cavalry left much to be desired, as did their performance. Kroxigors scared the crap out of people and a lot of time was spent trying to whittle them away. I completely forgot to use my Terradons javelins and barely remembered to use the lasers from the Engine.

I placed #138, lower than the Matthews. My battle score was 51, sportsmanship score 27, painting score 7.5 and overall points 85.5. Clearly my weakest area was the painting score, and as you can see in the pictures, it is justifiably so. I decided not to continue trying to get it all done in time after being discouraged by the MIA status of a box of 10 Temple Guard and the desire to sleep instead. Although I won most of my games, Hatton's battle score was 51.5 which reflected his wins were much larger than mine. My sportsman score was above average, perhaps next time I can get a higher one. Overall I am pleased with the results. They were the first games I had played in about 8 months, and first games I had played at all over 1250. It was also the first time I had used a Slann, Engine of the Gods, Temple Guard, Kroxigor and Terradons. 4 wins out of 6 games isn't bad for a person who had played 5-6 games of Warhammer Fantasy previously I think.

On my list: I was fully penalised for my army list's composition score. Lizardmen started at "4", and I was put down to 2. This I think was because of my strong magic phase (Slann with free power dice, Engine Priest and a L2 on Foot) and because I took a healthy block of Temple Guard and blocks of 15-16 Saurus respectively. My list was 'soft' when you look at it in detail because I didn't make it as hard as I could whilst I tried to keep it competitive. Yet there was another Lizardmen player who brought 2 Stegadons and a Carnosaur, and got docked by only 1 point. Go figure. The lesson from this experience is to go all out and forget about your composition score because you are going to lose it anyway.

My army being reamed by Daemons of Chaos.

My first opponent on the second day setting up his Vampire Counts. Notice the two water features.

Now I have free time again I am going to get back to working on my movement trays and my Slann's palanquin. I need to come up with some ideas for conversions for next time, because there is very little flexibility in my currently assembled models for that.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's not Lizardmen

I decided to indulge in the dandy fancy of a precious model. Behold.

Yeah, it's a Sartosan Vampire. If there were a female one, I would have purchased her to be my Caribbean Queen.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crunch Time

With DogCon almost here, it's time for me to update my list. I've decided to settle for a reasonable 3 colour minimum standard. Under this scheme, I shouldn't lose any points. This is because I've pretty much spent two days painting (slowly) my Slann's palanquin to a varied quality. It's been fun but draining. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow with some more photographic updates.
  • Slann's Palanquin
  • Engine of the Gods, Stegadon, Skink Crew and Skink Priest
  • Saurus Scar vet (half complete)
  • 31 Saurus Warriors
  • 3 Terradons
  • 15 Temple Guard
  • 3 Kroxigor
  • 5 Cold One Cavalry (4 to go)
 Things I need to assemble are:

  • Pretty much all 31 Saurus Warriors. I've assembled around 20 so far, but 17 of them have hand weapons and they need spears
  • 8 Temple Guard
  • 2 Terradon. I can't find my 3rd Terradon, which I believe is in Newcastle so if I can find my wallet tomorrow I will order another one from Games Workshop, which hopefully will arrive the day after. Failing that I will borrow one.
  • Engine of the Gods, Engine Skinks and if possible, Skink Chief who belongs to it. If this fails I will simply use my metal Stegadon and call it an engine.
  • Movement trays! I need another 4x5 25mm tray, preferably with magnetic base, as well as a 5 wide cavalry tray, and probably another 4x5 25mm tray for the Slann bunker. I'll also need one for the Kroxigor, oh well ...
On top of all of that, the fore mentioned models will need to be based, painted and flocked. Although it isn't a difficult process, it's incredibly draining and laborious. However those are the things which rushing before a tournament are all about.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tomorrow Which Never Came

Looks like that update of the palanquin never came. Instead I've been afflicted by a malaise known as burn-out. I've been making good of it at the moment, so behold, a WIP shot of the Floaty Chair of Destiny.

This particular photo is interesting for me because it's taken with natural lighting. Yes, I sometimes do hobby during the daylight hours.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crocodillian Monster Men

Well campers my Kroxigor squadron is complete. I will attack the bases later on once I've finished the Saurus and Temple Guard, which will naturally occur after I've started them. The new Kroxigor models were horrible to assemble, with each requiring around 9 points of pinning and some generous bending. I don't regret getting them instead of the goofy old ones too. Here's what the trio look like.

And from the back, and that's it for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, for what will hopefully be a finished floaty chair.